Asian cuisine – dishes that are worth trying and those that are better to avoid

Asian cuisine – dishes that are worth trying and those that are better to avoid

Asian cuisine has become significantly popular all over the world for the last several years. In large cities, there are great restaurants to try oriental delicacies served in a really appetizing way. Although Asian cuisine is often associated with healthy food based on vegetables, fish and seafood, there are many types of dishes that are not worth trying because of their caloric content and negative effects on health and our well-being.

Taste it!

Dim Sum dumplings

When you are fancy of eating Dim Sum dumplings, try those filled with vegetable stuffing. They provide a dose of vitamins and minerals to your body, and you avoid eating unhealthy saturated fats contained in red meat which is often added as a stuffing for dumplings. In addition, Dim Sum dumplings are prepared right when they are not fried, but steamed. Steaming allows you to preserve the nutrients from vegetables and it reduces the caloric content of the dish because there is no added fat.

Ramen soup

Ramen soup is mainly made from stock based on pork or chicken, mixed with a variety of ingredients. Ramen is filling but not caloric. It lowers blood pressure and helps fight wintertime illnesses because it contains minerals and vitamins which come from cooked vegetables and meat: potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, E, beta-carotene.


Yes, it is true that this dish can be unhealthy because it is fried, but actually, a real stir-fry dish is based on fast frying of vegetables or meat without adding fat. Mostly, the stir fry dish includes vegetables such as broccoli, peas and carrots that provide a lot of fiber, beta-carotene, calcium and potassium. Try and eat stir fry with shrimps  - they are a rich source of high-quality and easily digestible protein.

Wok Gerlach

Wok Gerlach

Think twice before you eat it

Spring rolls

Spring rolls are a very popular snack that we just love eating. One piece or some bites of spring rolls do not do the harm to you, but a full dinner consisting only of such snacks is not the best idea. Spring rolls are deep fried, their roll cake is greasy and commonly served sweet and sour sauce is too much high in sugar.

Sweet and sour pork

As the name of a dish suggests, there are large amounts of sugar in this dish. Commonly, it is prepared from ready-made sauces containing emulsifiers, dyes, aromas and thickening substances, i.e. non-valuable, unnecessary ingredients that may have a carcinogenic effect on you.

Fried Rice

White rice does not contain large amounts of fiber, so after a while you can be fancy for eating something again. In addition, unfortunately fried rice absorbs very large amounts of fat and salty soy sauce. If you really want to order a dish of fried rice, ask for a portion of brown one. It is more filling and provides vitamins and minerals, for instance, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, iodine, B group vitamins.