All you need to know about grill frying pans

All you need to know about grill frying pans

You should have a few pans of various sizes and for different purpose in your kitchen. A smaller frying pan is perfect to heat the dinner for one person, a large pan to fry some juicy steaks with vegetables and a grill pan to prepare healthy meals without frying and with no addition of fat. Using a grill pan is also a great alternative when it is cold and rainy outside and organizing the barbecue in the garden is not possible.

The construction of grill pans

Corrugated surface

The characteristic element of a grill pan, thanks to which it is easy to distinguish it from other types of pans, is its corrugated surface. The corrugated surface ensures the efficient draining of oil or fat, and makes the meals look like they have been cooked on a traditional barbecue.

A thick base

A thick base of grill pans ensures even heat distribution, so it means you can have energy-efficient frying at your fingertips.

Types of cookers

Most of frying pans can be used on all types of cookers: electric, ceramic, gas and induction.


Grill pans can vary in shape – round or square. Especially, square frying pans are very popular.


Some pan models are equipped with a special funnel that allows gradual pouring of unnecessary fat.

Which grill pan to choose?  A cast-iron, aluminum or steel one?

There are three materials that a pan can be built of: natural cast-iron, aluminum or steel. They have different properties which affect the heat conductivity, and as a result it has an influence on the method and speed of grilling. The construction of pan models may differ in the usage of internal coatings – this topic will be discussed further in the article.

Cast iron grill pan

The greatest advantage of cast iron pans, in comparison to aluminum or steel frying pans, is their solidity and durability. They will definitely serve us in the kitchen for many years. In addition, many people appreciate cast iron frying pans for the subtle way of strengthening the taste of prepared dishes and allowing the processing of meat and vegetables at high temperatures without the risk of burning. What is more, cast iron grill pans need more time to be heated, but they keep and distribute heat better. Due to their ferromagnetic properties, cast iron pans are suitable for cooking on induction cookers. Another advantage of the vessel is that we can use it in the oven.

After purchasing a cast iron grill pan, remember to read the instructions about impregnation. In most cases, you should wipe the frying pan with fat before the first frying because it allows open channels in the structure to be closed.

Be aware that cast iron pans are the most expensive and the heaviest pans from all types of vessels, and that it is not recommended to store acidic products inside them, such as vinegar, sauerkraut or lemon, as this may cause discoloration of a vessel and permeating of the metallic taste to food.

Steel grill pan

Like cast iron pans, pans made of stainless steel are characterized by high durability and solidity. They are also lighter than cast-iron pans. The main advantage of steel frying pans is their resistance to corrosion, scratches and high temperature. Steel pans heat up longer than aluminum pans and as a result later they give heat more slowly. After removing the pan from the burner, dishes remain warm for a long time. In addition, the vessels are ideal for use in a dishwasher and oven. Steel pans, however, will not be a good choice for some people because they are quite demanding during the first uses. Steel pans must be hardened before the first frying and must pass a special process, thanks to which the steel expands and as a result the food will not stick to a pan.

Grill aluminum pan

It perfectly conducts heat, therefore it is a great helper when you want to cook quickly meat, fish or vegetables. It is also light and easy to care but less durable than the vessels mentioned above.

Coatings in grill pans

Coatings used in grill pans prevents vessels from scratching and allows easy cleaning after use. The most popular coatings are made of ceramic, Teflon and titanium.

Ceramic coating

It is a very popular type of coating, usually made of minerals and clays which are fired at high temperatures. Ceramic coatings are scratch resistant and prevent the food from sticking to a pan. If you don’t want to damage your pan, it is recommended to use silicone kitchen accessories that will not scratch the surface of coatings. In addition, remember not to overheat a pan, as it may result in damage of a coating. If you look for a grill pan with a ceramic coating, we suggest choosing the NATUR grill pan.

Teflon coating

This type of coating is characterized by a very affordable price for buying a pan. Teflon coatings, like ceramic ones, evenly distribute heat, reduce the risk of sticking food to the bottom of a pan and they are also easy to clean due to their smooth surface. But you need to be careful using a pan and don’t scratch the pan so it is recommended to use silicone or wooden accessories.

Titanium coating

The most durable and solid of all coatings. It evenly distributes the heat and prevents food from sticking. It does not need a lot of fat for frying. However, it is the most expensive vessel among all pans discussed above.