A wooden spoon – NATUR

A wooden spoon – NATUR
A wooden spoon – NATUR
A wooden spoon – NATUR
A wooden spoon – NATUR
A wooden spoon – NATUR

A wooden spoon – NATUR

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NATURE Wooden Spoon – stir, scoop, dish out!

Natur is an exceptional line inspired by the nature that surrounds us. Products from the Natur line include elements made of high-grade beechwood or entirely made of wood. Natur kitchen accessories are intended for people who appreciate simple and modern design as well as comfortable and practical kitchen solutions.

Detailed description:

Nature wooden spoons are functional and carefully designed oak and silicone products. An indispensable companion in preparing delicious meals, with a wide range of uses in the kitchen. You can use the wooden spoon with holes to stir, scoop and dish out the various ingredients used to prepare delicious meals.

The wooden spoon, in a suitably large size, will allow for easy stirring, scooping and dishing out of both larger and smaller portions of food.

The non-slip silicone handle ensures perfect grip and comfortable use.

Thanks to holes in the handle, each product from the Nature line may be hung up in the kitchen, which makes storage easier.

The wooden spoons are heat resistant and make even the remnants of persistent fat easy to clean.

The Natur series consists of kitchen accessories which are free of harmful substances and safe to use.

Check out other Natur line products: wooden spoon with holes, wooden paddle, silicone spatula, silicone pastry brush, cutting board.

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