A set of pots, pans and lids - SMART

A set of pots, pans and lids - SMART
A set of pots, pans and lids - SMART
A set of pots, pans and lids - SMART
A set of pots, pans and lids - SMART
A set of pots, pans and lids - SMART
A set of pots, pans and lids - SMART
A set of pots, pans and lids - SMART
A set of pots, pans and lids - SMART

A set of pots, pans and lids - SMART

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SMART pans and pots

The SMART line includes safe and universal pots and frying pans, which will be a perfect choice for small kitchens and kitchenettes. Thanks to the removable handle, you can save more space in the dishwasher. You can also reduce the amount of space occupied in your cupboard by up to 50% if you store the pots atop each other. The SMART cookware can be used for cooking, frying, baking, serving and even storing.

The SMART pans and pots have one of the best ceramic coatings available on the market: Ilag Xera Dur 2 ® Ceramic Non Stick. It consists of two layers: a top layer of Xerogel with a metallic effect and a ceramic-reinforced base layer with Xerogel to prevent cracking. Apart from high resistance to abrasion, the coating has special properties that prevent the food from adhering to the surface and burning.

The thick, four-ply bottom with a stainless steel disc provides excellent and uniform heat distribution to make cooking easier and quicker.

The pans are free from any dangerous substances (PTFE, PFOA, cadmium, lead) to protect your health and improve your cooking experience. Also, the smooth and impermeable ILAG ceramic coating is easy to clean.


Gerlach SMART Lids – functional 3-in-1 solution

The Gerlach SMART collection was intended to be universal and save both space and time. The line gives you an opportunity to create your own set composed of pots and pans with removable handles and lids.

A single Gerlach SMART lid matches 3 different pots or pans. Silicone rims adjust perfectly to the edges of the cookware, protecting them from scratches.

The lid is made of tempered glass, making it resistant to large temperature changes. Additionally, it has a special vent hole to remove excess steam that appears in the cookware. The handle of the lid is very convenient – it is safe and does not heat up.


Gerlach SMART Handle 

The Gerlach SMART line was created for those who value minimalism and universal solutions. The handle is the perfect addition – it matches pots and frying pans from the same line. It is removable so that the cookware can be stored one inside the other to save a lot of space.

The handle is ergonomic and fits the hand perfectly for enhanced convenience and safety. Also, the handle is easy to lock and unlock and three supporting points provide exceptional stability.

The Gerlach SMART handle withstands a load up to 6 kg.


Composition of the set:

  • Frying pan – 20 cm
  • Frying pan – 24 cm
  • Frying pan – 28 cm
  • Pot Ø 16 cm – 1.5 l,
  • Pot Ø 18 cm – 2.0 l,
  • Pot Ø 20 cm – 2.5 l,
  • Universal lid 16cm, 18cm, 20cm
  • Universal lid 24 cm, 26 cm, 28cm 
  • Pan handle


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