A set of LOFT knives

A set of LOFT knives
A set of LOFT knives
A set of LOFT knives
A set of LOFT knives
A set of LOFT knives
A set of LOFT knives
A set of LOFT knives
A set of LOFT knives
A set of LOFT knives
A set of LOFT knives
A set of LOFT knives
A set of LOFT knives

A set of LOFT knives

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Loft set of knives – modern design and functionality combined

The Loft line is a modern set of knives from Gerlach which is an excellent decoration for industrial kitchens in lofts, as well as an indispensable helper in the preparation of meals. Each knife has a specific function which is marked with a special symbol on the handle. The steel blade and anti-slip handle are just some of the numerous advantages of the Loft product line, an attractive set for both experienced cooking enthusiasts and beginners in the kitchen.

Detailed description:

The 981 set of knives is made of high-quality X50CrMoV15 stainless steel strengthened with chromium, vanadium and molybdenum, making the products stronger and more resistant to corrosion. They cut through meat, bread, vegetables, fruits and other products efficiently.

The hardness of the Loft knife’s blade is 55–56 HRC on the Rockwell scale, which indicates the ability to retain sharpness for a given period, and also examines resistance to mechanical damage and overloading of the blade. Hard knives retain their sharpness for longer, but at the same time it is more difficult to sharpen them, they are less flexible and more susceptible to cracks and chipping. On one hand, each knife should be rigid in order to cut various ingredients precisely, but on the other, it needs to be flexible enough so as not to crack when the cutting angle changes or considerable pressure is applied to it. In the majority of cases, the hardness of kitchen knives is from 52 HRC up, whereas a value of 57–58 HRC means hard steel. The hardness of the kitchen knives manufactured by Gerlach is adjusted in such a way as to ensure exceptionally precise and sharp cutting, while simultaneously minimising the probability of breaking the blade during intense use.

The Loft model is equipped with an ergonomic and anti-slip handle made of durable ABS plastic, which guarantees a secure grip, even during the intense preparation of meals.

Thanks to the auxiliary symbols on the handle, the choice of a particular knife for cutting will no longer be a problem.

The Loft set of knives comes with an elegant, varnished block made of beechwood.

The set offers five knives with different functions depending on finishing and size.

The set includes:

  • Santoku 7" knife – it features a special concave serration, which ensures that the foods which are cut do not stick to the blade.


Loft noz santoku 7


  • A bread knife 8" – a knife with special teeth which make it easy to cut bread.


Loft noz do chleba 8


  • A kitchen knife 8"– a versatile tool, best suited for cutting meat or cold meats.


Loft noz kuchenny 8


  • A kitchen knife 5" – a small knife.


Loft noz kuchenny 5


  • A vegetable knife 4" –an excellent helper in peeling vegetables and fruit.


Loft noz do jarzyn 3.5

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