A set of FINE knives

A set of FINE knives
A set of FINE knives
A set of FINE knives
A set of FINE knives
A set of FINE knives
A set of FINE knives
A set of FINE knives

A set of FINE knives

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Fine set of knives

The “Fine” line is inspired by a Scandinavian design. The set includes a block of wood and knives made of high-quality stainless steel. A perfect combination of exquisite style and functionality. Carefully crafted details make the “Fine” knife and block set a splendid addition to the kitchen.


Detailed description:

The essential features of the FINE line are the strength and durability of the knife blades.

The X50CrMoV15 stainless steel blade, with the addition of chromium, molybdenum and vanadium, reducing brittleness and therefore increasing wear resistance.

An adequately profiled stainless steel handle provides a secure grip while cutting. The set of FINE kitchen knives is available in a beech wood block.

To enjoy the reliability and stylish design of the Gerlach kitchen knives for as long as possible,  washing them by hand is recommended.  Due to high water temperatures and chemicals, washing the knives in a dishwasher can lead to permanent damage to the blades and the knife handle. Gerlach kitchen knives have a 2-year warranty.


The set includes:


  • Chef's knife 8 "(20 cm) - a basic tool in the kitchen, ideal for chopping many ingredients.

Nóż szefa kuchni Fine

  • Bread knife 8 "(20 cm) - it is distinguished by its characteristic teeth providing the user to cut bread with ease.

Nóż do chleba Fine

  • Kitchen knife 8 "(20 cm) - a universal tool, best suited for cutting meat or sausages.

Nóż kuchenny 8 Fine

  • Kitchen knife 5 "(12.5 cm) – a small chopping knife.

Nóż kuchenny 5 Fine

  • Vegetable knife 3.5 "(8.5 cm) - can be used as a vegetable peeler.

Nóż do jarzyn 3,5 Fine




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