A perfect handle – which knife to choose?

A perfect handle – which knife to choose?

Kitchen knives are definitely necessary tools for preparing every meal. They must be functional, ergonometric, and, most of all, made of high-quality materials. You can’t even imagine how it is important to find a suitable knife for you. Below we discuss some tips which will help in choosing a comfortable knife, and especially, a comfortable handle. If you consider buying a new set of knives, read our article.   

Kitchen knives with a wooden handle

Knives with a wooden handle are invariably popular thanks to the natural material which they are made of. Wood is elegant, timeless and nice to the touch. Remember that a knife with a wooden handle should not be exposed to water, heat, and should not be used in a dishwasher. The usage of aggressive dishwashing detergents can scratch the surface, as well as can cause fading and the destruction of the natural color and the structure of wood.

A set of Colonial knives

In the picture: a set of Colonial knives

Kitchen knives with a plastic handle

The advantage of plastic handles is their durability, resistance and easy cleaning. A lot of knives are covered with non-slip layer which guarantees safety and comfort during the intensive cutting, or cutting with wet hands. If you really like wooden elements in cookware, and you don’t have enough time for the proper care of knives, you can buy a knife made of wood imitation plastic.

A set of Loft knivesIn the picture: a set of Loft knives

Kitchen knives with stainless steel handle

A stainless steel handle is extremely durable. It has an increased corrosion-resistance that it is why it is dishwasher safe. What is more, a stainless steel handle is smooth, so it’s easier in cleaning, and it prevents from the bacteria propagation.

A set of Modern knivesIn the picture: a set of Modern knives

What is a perfect shape of a knife handle?

A shape of a handle influences on the knife control and the comfort of cutting. First of all, a handle should not make your hands tired. Secondly, it has to be ergonomic enough to guarantee fast, easy and pleasant use. There are many available shapes of handles on the market, for example, round, elliptical, or more or less flattened. When you are in the shop, take a knife, hold it for a minute, and decide if the shape and the size of a knife is suitable for the proportion of your body. Remember that a handle can’t be too short and too long because after some time of using, your hands will be tired.