A guide to frying pans

A guide to frying pans

Nowadays manufacturers offer various models of pans for grilling vegetables, juicy steaks or frying Asian noodles. When you are thinking about buying a new frying pan, consider which meals you cook the most of the times.  It will be a great help in choosing a perfect pan. 

Grill frying pans

The ridge grill pan gives the appetizing look of grilled food that look like taken straight from the barbecue. In addition, the special ridge surface minimizes the contact of ingredients with fat because it flows into the grooves in the pan, instead of soaking in the meat and vegetables. Thanks to square shape of a pan, you will have plenty of space for cooking steaks or courgette. Some models are equipped with a special funnel that allows gradual pouring of unnecessary fat. Grill pans are recommended especially because of healthy way of preparing meals- we need a small amount of fat to grill food.

Pancake pans

A pancake pan heats up rapidly, thanks to a special flat base. Low walls and a comfortable handle ensure easy turning of pancakes. 


Wok is definitely the symbol of Asian cuisine. The frying pan is perfect for preparing exotic meals with noodles, rice or seafood. Thanks to a special lid, wok can also be used for cooking spicy soups, and stewing various meats and colorful, juicy vegetables. A deep bowl design helps in stirring all ingredients which are not left outside the pan. Wok will be especially appreciated by fans of healthy lifestyle because to prepare meals, you don’t need to add fat.