A 6-element set of pots PRIME + A set of DECO BLACK knives + Cutlery Set, 24 pcs FOSS + 2 x Frying pan NATUR 24/28 cm

A 6-element set of pots PRIME + A set of DECO BLACK knives + Cutlery Set, 24 pcs FOSS + 2 x Frying pan NATUR 24/28 cm
A 6-element set of pots PRIME + A set of DECO BLACK knives + Cutlery Set, 24 pcs FOSS + 2 x Frying pan NATUR 24/28 cm
A 6-element set of pots PRIME + A set of DECO BLACK knives + Cutlery Set, 24 pcs FOSS + 2 x Frying pan NATUR 24/28 cm
A 6-element set of pots PRIME + A set of DECO BLACK knives + Cutlery Set, 24 pcs FOSS + 2 x Frying pan NATUR 24/28 cm
A 6-element set of pots PRIME + A set of DECO BLACK knives + Cutlery Set, 24 pcs FOSS + 2 x Frying pan NATUR 24/28 cm

A 6-element set of pots PRIME + A set of DECO BLACK knives + Cutlery Set, 24 pcs FOSS + 2 x Frying pan NATUR 24/28 cm

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A 6-element set of pots – PRIME – robustness and unique design

The rounded shape and elegant black colour contribute to the unique design of Prime pots. They constitute an exceptional supplement to your kitchen, and one made in a remarkably refined style at that. They suit brilliantly traditional, modern and minimalist interiors. The robustness of the vessels and the comfort of cooking in them will make Prime pots an integral element of your kitchen for many years to come.

Detailed description:

Prime pots are made of the highest quality 18/10 stainless steel that makes them resistant to corrosion, damage and high temperatures, as well as dishwasher safe.

An aluminium disc built into the three-layer base ensures even heat distribution, which makes it possible to speed up the cooking process and ensure energy savings. Additionally, it enables the pot to be used on all types of cookers: electric, gas, ceramic and induction. The Prime pots and lids are also suitable for use in the oven at temperatures up to 180°C. Caution! Temperatures above 180°C may cause discolouration.

The fitted tempered glass lids are an integral part of the set of Prime pots. They fit the rim of the vessels perfectly, ensuring that they are hermetically sealed and that water does not leak out with the loss of essential nutrients.

An inner measure helps to measure the liquids to be poured in.

Prime pots have a lacquered external coating.

The large and comfortable handles of the lids and pots do not heat up, thus ensuring comfortable cooking.


DECO BLACK Set of knives in a block – perfect sharpness and precision

The 991A line of kitchen knives is intended for lovers of modern design, who appreciate the high quality of the products they purchase. The characteristic elements of the Deco Black line are special symbols that suggest the application for each knife, due to which the act of choosing the right one becomes incredibly quick and easy. Deco Black knives will prove themselves worthy, regardless of whether we need to cut meat, bread, vegetables or fruits. Perfect sharpness will ensure precision and ease of use.


Detailed description:

The 991A Deco Black line comprises knives made of the high quality X50CrMoV15 stainless steel strengthened with chromium (increases resistance to corrosion), molybdenum (reduces the brittleness of steel) and vanadium (increases resistance to abrasion).

The hardness of the Deco Black knife’s blade is 53–55 HRC on the Rockwell scale, which indicates the ability to retain sharpness for a given period, and also examines resistance to mechanical damage and overloading of the blade. Hard knives retain their sharpness for longer, but at the same time it is more difficult to sharpen them, they are less flexible and more susceptible to cracks and chipping. On one hand, each knife should be rigid in order to cut various ingredients precisely, but on the other, it needs to be flexible enough so as not to crack when the cutting angle changes or considerable pressure is applied to it. In the majority of cases, the hardness of kitchen knives is from 52 HRC up, whereas a value of 57–58 HRC means hard steel. The hardness of the kitchen knives manufactured by Gerlach is adjusted in such a way as to ensure exceptionally precise and sharp cutting, while simultaneously minimising the probability of breaking the blade during intense use.

The model features an ergonomic, anti-slip handle made of durable ABS plastic.

All of the Deco Black line knives feature auxiliary symbols on the handle that indicate the function of a particular tool.

The set is available with a block made of oak and will perfectly suit the design of every kitchen.

There are five knives available in this line, the functions of which vary depending on the finish and size of the knives. They will prove themselves exceptionally worthy whether cutting tomatoes, shredding lettuce or slicing meat.

The set includes:


  • A chef's knive 8" – a basic kitchen tool, perfect for chopping and cutting.


Deco Black noz szefa kuchni 8


  • A bread knife 8" – a knife with special teeth which make it easy to cut bread.


Deco Black noz do chleba 8


  • A kitchen knife 8"– a versatile tool, best suited for cutting meat or cold meats.


Deco Black noz kuchenny 8

  • A kitchen knife 5" – a small knife.


Deco Black nozkuchenny 5


  • A vegetable knife 4" –an excellent helper in peeling vegetables and fruit.


Deco Black noz do jarzyn 4



FOSS cutlery - Scandinavia at your fingertips

Harmony and closeness to nature, simplicity and moderation are the first associations that arise in relation to the Scandinavian style. The design of Foss cutlery, inspired by the countries of the North, is represented by a strong, clearly outlined line emphasizing the simplicity and purity of the form. Precision of workmanship and attention to every detail are elements that combine Scandinavian design with the highest quality of the Gerlach brand.


Detailed description:

This 24-piece set from the Foss line is designed for six people, perfectly supplementing each kind of tableware.

This perfectly balanced cutlery has been created in such a way as to ensure precision, comfortable use and maximize the delightfulness of eating.

Thanks to the 18/10 stainless steel, the Foss set is resistant to corrosion and safe to load into the dishwasher.

Gerlach grants a lifetime warranty for all Foss cutlery.

The original, decorative packing of Gerlach products makes for a perfectly suitable gift for those closest to you.


NATUR frying pan – the highest quality and modern design

Natur frying pans with ceramic coating were created out of love for nature, combining the highest quality with the comfort of use. The modern design, featuring elements made of beechwood, creates a unique and distinguished combination that will make kitchen interiors more aesthetically pleasing. The Natur line is intended for people who wish to lead a healthy lifestyle based on a low-calorie diet composed of gently fried fish, stewed colourful vegetables and aromatic herbs.

Detailed description:

The aluminium Natur frying pan is equipped with a special two-layer ILAG ® Non-Stick Ceramic coating that prevents meals from sticking to the pan. Thanks to this pan, cooking has never been easier, more enjoyable and faster. The vessel is resistant to very high temperatures, abrasion, scratches and deformations. It is made of proven materials that are safe to use, while the incredibly smooth and non-porous ILAG ceramic coating is easy to clean.

The thick base with a built-in ferromagnetic disc ensures long-term functionality and even heat distribution, making frying more energy-efficient. Moreover, it allows the frying pan to be used on all types of cookers: gas cookers, electric cookers, ceramic cookers and induction cookers.

The ergonomic handle made of beechwood is functional and secure in wet hands.


Composition of the set:

A 6-element set of pots – PRIME

- Lidded pot Ø 18cm - 2.0 l

- Lidded pot Ø 20cm - 3.0 l

- Lidded pot Ø 24cm - 5.0 l

A set of DECO BLACK knives

- A chef's knive 8"

- A bread knife 8"

- A kitchen knife 8"

- A kitchen knife 5"

- A vegetable knife 4"

Cutlery Set, 24 pcs – gloss FOSS

- Dinner knife – 6 pcs

- Dinner fork – 6 pcs

- Dinner spoon – 6 pcs

- Teaspoon – 6 pcs

Frying pan with ceramic coating – NATUR 24 cm

Frying pan with ceramic coating – NATUR 28 cm

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